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Informative and optimistic, Working in the Dark: Keeping Your Job While Dealing With Depression (Hazelden, 2002) is the first book to help readers navigate the delicate process of protecting and managing their working lives while being treated for an illness that affects 11 million Americans -- one in every 20 -- in any given year. In its pages, readers will find answers to these questions and others:

  • Should I mention my depression in my job interview?
  • Is my job actually making me depressed?
  • If I tell my co-workers about my depression, will they think I'm unreliable or unqualified?
  • If I use my employee health coverage to get treatment, will my boss find out?
  • What can I do to "depression-proof" my daily work life?
  • How can I explain poor performance caused by my depression?
  • Can I be fired for being depressed?

Working in the Dark combines self-assessment, step-by-step help in making decisions, and sensible advice with stories of real people whose jobs and lives have been affected by the "common cold of mental illness."

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